No kidding...  5 minutes or less and vehicle's on the road!



We offer brand new Clone-Able TPMS sensors for most every vehicle, complete units that are simple to install and set up.

Every shop can now have an inventory on hand, to capture this incredible new service market!  Literally, you stock just two part numbers and cover 90% of the most popular vehicles!

  TPMS service will exploding in 2013 and you will not have the time to order and wait for these sensors to be delivered.  Worse, what do you do when the Auto Parts store says they don't have the sensor and you'll need to go to the dealer?

 Why give away profit to a supply house when you can now have the parts on your shelf.  No phone calls, no waiting for delivery, no wrong part numbers, no more "guess the price today"...  plus our sensor require no reprogramming of the ECU via OBDII.  You will easily pay for one of our Universal TPMS Sensor Starter Kits in just one week, based on a few sales and the savings over local purchasing.


Please call 1(800) 266-4497 between the hours of 11am and 8pm EST
for more information and to order your sensor program.

New Replacement Sensors


Click here to see the reprogrammer tool we offer for TPM Sensors.
It allows you to quickly insert OEM specifications into our Clone-Able sensors.

Additionally we have OE Specified TPMS Service/Repair Kits
with stems, seals, valves, caps, and more.